About Calico

CALICO is an award-winning, next-gen production company that develops and creates original and engaging content for all platforms.  In television + digital, Calico has produced projects for Showtime, Red Bull TV, ESPN, Spotify, MTV, E!, Hulu, Fusion, Spike, and Fuse. In branded, Calico has produced content for Red Bull, Jaguar, Intel, Nissan, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, McDonalds, and Goldenvoice.  Calico prides itself on smart storytelling combined with a distinct cinematic and energetic style.  

What was the genesis of Calico?

Calico was founded on a simple principle – every frame is critical. On a cold night in November of 2000, founders and friends Danny Lee and Brent Stangel realized they had all of the resources to create compelling content themselves. Not to mention they went to school for such things. This set the wheels in motion for their first collaboration, the visceral feature "Rock Fresh", a candid documentary about graffiti artists making the leap from the street to the mainstream. The film bowed at the AFI Fest in 2004.  Shortly thereafter, the film was snapped up by Showtime, where it made its world premiere. 

How does Calico see the future of content?

Because of technology and the continuing democratization of content, the future is bright.  You compound that with a growing number of diverse perspectives and progressive voices, and you have content that increasingly reflects the global society in which we live.  Even as the entertainment universe becomes more and more cluttered by the day, the good will always finds its way to you. 

What’s behind the name Calico?

It stemmed as a shortened version of California Company - Calico.

What sets Calico apart from other production companies?

Our distinctive voice. We believe story and style should compliment each other, not be dissonant and mutually exclusive as they often tend to be. We put deep thought and take immense pride in every project we do.

What's Calico's secret sauce?

Identifying the emotional core + spirit in every project, and shaping the narrative + style around that.

Any favorite film movements?

Italian Realism. Then the French New Wave, German Expressionism, Chinese Fifth Generation, and the American Renaissance movements to round it out.

Since Calico produces its own original content, are you guys available for production services? 

If you feel we are right for the project, feel free and reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I love Calico's style. How can I be down?  

We're always looking for talented people - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Awards + Mentions

"30 for 30 Shorts" (ESPN) - Best Documentary Series, Webby Awards (2016)
"With Dad" (Nissan) - Best Branded Series, Cynopsis Awards (2015)
"Roll on Rockaway" (Red Bull) - Honoree, Webby Awards (2014)
"Skate or Die" (Red Bull) - Smithsonian Institute (2014)
"Road to Brooklyn" (Life+Times) - Honoree, Webby Awards (2013)