It’s Oscar season and that means Academy screeners.  I didn’t watch “American Hustle” in theaters because the prevailing sentiment seemed to be that the film was all hype. I heard it was very stylish, but that’s all it could stand on.  So when I popped in the DVD, admittedly I had my preconceptions.  But soon as Christian Bale came on-screen, I knew there was something special here.  His performance was more than a costume, he really gave life to a wonderfully endearing character who stayed remarkably calm in the midst of all the chaos within the story.  All of the performances, from the entire ensemble, were steeped in a deep chemistry that made this film Oscar-worthy.  The film certainly had it’s shortcomings.  For one, right away the film felt like a Scorcese knock-off, from the trademark dolly pushes to the music selection.  There were also quite a few plot holes in the story, especially in terms of how that money really just vanishes.  Beyond that, I know when I’m being entertained, and this film delivered.  Jennifer Lawrence brings the fire, again.  Her and David O’Russell need to keep making films together, which I’m sure they will.  “American Hustle” had it’s flaws, but it absolutely deserves at least one or more Best or Supporting Actor and Actress Oscars.  Watch when you can.