Nothing to do with Mortal Kombat, Ron Fricke directed this painstakingly beautiful film back in 1992. It was the first film in over twenty years to be photographed in the 70mm Todd-AO format, an extremely high definition wide-screen film format developed in the mid 1950s. Not a single word in the entire film, “Baraka” (which in Sufi means “breath of life”) is an intricately weaved series of images with no conventional plot, alongside a mysterious score. This is the original montage, the clash of independent and even disparate images (coined by Sergei Eisenstein), not the quick intro for your video dude. In summary, this is a great film to chill out and relax to, even cupcake to. 17 years later, his newest film after “Baraka” is set to come out this year. It’s called “Samsara”, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “cyclic existence”. Definitely a watermark in cinematic history, Eisenstein would’ve been proud. Here’s the trailer..