Yesterday, I took a trip out west to have a round table lunch at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. Waiting for me were a few colleagues who know their s**t when it comes to the brave new frontier of new media. There’s Doug Dicconson, VP of Biz Dev at Babelgum..

If you don’t know, Babelgum is funded by an Italian billionaire and one of the few online channels who actually still buycontent, instead of pitching you some half-ass, rev share pipe dream. There’s one of my close collaborators Raymond Roker of URB.

Like most other ill-fated print mags in 2009 (i.e. Vibe, King, etc), it’s no surprise that URB’s printing press went dark too. But Raymond’s a smart guy – together we’re figuring out a way to push the brand into it’s next life. There’s Josh Glazer, URB’s long-time editor..

And myself, anxious to eat my Mediterranean lamb wrap.

More later.