So waited a day to circumvent the lines, and last night picked up my copy of the new ““..


For those not too familiar with the COD series, this installment was created by Treyarch, the game developer who trades off with Infinity Ward in pumping out the addictive first-person shooter. To put it simply, Infinity Ward is the superior developer, solely responsible for all of the Modern Warfare installments of the COD series. Most of the others, all set in historical wars, are made by Treyarch. Black Ops feels like a horizontal move for the series. While set in new environments such as Vietnam and Cuba, it feels suspiciously too close to Treyarch’s last installment World at War

People say ‘Black Ops’ is sick because of the new crossbow…

I say big deal. There’s also many historical inaccuracies such as the Hind Helicopter, which wasn’t even in flight in 1968. Treyarch’s cursed with limited foresight and having it’s hands tied with old weaponry. I personally think Activision should just hand over the entire series to Infinity Ward. Here’s a scene from Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer Favela level..

Black Ops feels nothing more than a new map pack. Yet, I’ll still be playing because it’s still solid and a brand new world to explore, plus you can’t return opened merch at Gamestop! My XBOX Live handle is ‘DRUNKNGUNMN78’ – come find me.