Every Friday, I’ll be posting a new Classic Flick for your weekend viewing.  This week’s installment is Francois Truffaut’s“The 400 Blows”, a seminal film from one of my favorite film movements, The French New Wave.  The film is about a 12-year old boy, misunderstood by the world, with a tendency to run away and escape the confines of his modern world.

I remember when I was 12-years old. The year was 1990 and my family just uprooted me from my comfy surroundings of Hancock Park, and moved me (kicking and screaming) to the Pacific Palisades. On the outside, you’d say I was silly to not be thrilled to be moving to the suburbs, ungrateful even. But as a young boy, all you know are the few blocks around you. Moving across town to the beach was good in theory, but I left all of my friends behind, and was forced to make new ones. I eventually adapted, quickly even, but still always wonder what my destiny would’ve been had we stayed put. I even wonder what my late father’s destiny would’ve been. Here’s the trailer to The 400 Blows..