Last October immediately after I wrapped up my 5 month stint in NYC on the Brooklyn Nets series, I came home for 2 weeks to barely feel the cold side of the pillow, only to fly back out east, this time to Detroit, a city I had never visited.  I heard all of the stories and seen all of the ruin porn, but I knew there was much more than the one note the media loves to portray. I had long been infatuated with the city after watching one of my favorite digital series ever, “Detroit Lives“. I was brought out there to Executive Produce LOUD’s newest series “Detroit Rubber”, featuring Rick and Ro, co-owners of Detroit’s premiere sneaker shop Burn Rubber. I knew very little of them at the time, but upon arrival quickly realized these dudes had very much became the center of this culture in Detroit. And it wasn’t difficult to see why. Their shop has a culture of openness, positivity, and straight up comedy. The entire 2 weeks of shooting were filled with non stop jokes. The last day of shooting we even trekked out to the sticks for a Halloween party, where we got into a tussle and AZ almost burned somebody’s eye with a square – that episode is coming later. I genuinely feel I made some life long friends in Rick, Ro, AZ (who we coined the term ‘kindred homies’), Jay John, and Lil Baby Devin. They’re great role models for a city still very much in trouble. Also, was great to produce alongside my buddy Christos, whose the ambassador for all things Detroit, and Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg. Here’s the premiere episode of “Detroit Rubber”, which clocked almost 100k views in a day, with the help of cameos by Eminem and Prince Fielder. The series has already gotten love from a variety of news outlets like CNN, E! News, USA Today, Yahoo, and more. Witness the “Detroit Rubber” teaser here..

And Episode One featuring Eminem and Prince Fielder..

And Episode Two..