Meant to post this awhile back but got caught up. As an avid fan of the 80’s cartoon, I’m paying very close attention. Everyday, channel 13 @ 5pm, I had to be in front of the tube! I had collected hundreds of G.I.Joe figures, tons of automobiles, even the Cobra dome that costed $200 from the beloved and now Target-owned Fedco! I even made a little home movie (my first flick!) with my pet turtles and G.I.Joe’s! Bunched up my blanket to make mountains for them to fight each other in! Too bad, their torsos would always break and the rubber bands would snap! Another interesting note, good buddy of mine who played the security guard in “The Clinic”, stars in the popcorn flick. Here’s the trailer, G.I.Nerds judge for yourself..

G.I. JOE trailer in HD