This morning had breakfast with Alex Kruglov in Content Acquisition & International at Hulu. If there have been any forces that have truly transformed the media landscape in the last couple years, it has got to be Hulu. Their aggressive content gathering has essentially made the ad rev-share business model commonplace. PS – the avocado and cheddar cheese breakfast burrito at Lemon Moon is pretty good! There’s Alex..

While on the topic of Hulu, my first film “Rock Fresh” is being featured on the site – in fact Alex told me it beat out many of the big shows and studio movies last week. According to him, it tallied the 3rd highest number of views for the day it was featured on the front page. It’s weird to see your first baby still walking. Made “Rock Fresh” back in ’03, here’s the embed..

You can also buy the discounted DVD direct from us – $15 and comes with a free movie poster.