Yesterday, Bee and I visited Imajimation Studios, where the artists designing the characters for our new animation show, work by day. They call themselves the Mad Twiinz. There’s Mark explaining the process of animation..

There’s Mike..

The Twiinz created the online toon “Blokhedz”, which lives on Gatorade’s content microsite..

A newer character..


Vinyl Blokhedz..

Imajimation was started by Michael Schultz and his son Brandon. Michael directed a broad range of movies from “The Last Dragon” to “Krush Groove”. There’s his gold record for “Car Wash”..

The Twiinz created a comic with the RZA..

A vinyl Flavor Flav..

1 of 2 workstations..

Here’s an episode of their online animation series “The Blokhedz”..

Talented brothers. Stay tuned for the animation collaboration :)