Take a journey with me.  A couple months back, Q the owner of Worldstarhiphop, had told me about a tour he had planned to promote his brand in Australia.  Few weeks after that, he told me they were thinking of filming it and if I was interested in producing the series.  I knew Q was a character and sounded like a fun concept, so that conversation evolved into expanding the trip into Singapore and Bangkok.  Within a couple weeks I was on a flight across the Pacific.  Thank goodness for business class, because I get extremely claustrophobic on 10+ hour trips like this overseas.  Note:  All iphone snaps are mine, the DSLR snaps were taken by our Aussie cameraman Tim.

The lady next to me was a trip.  During the 12 hour flight, she didn’t watch a single second of TV or listen to any music. She just sat there, still as night, picking her nose.  A half day later, I make it to the halfway point in Seoul, the motherland!

Incheon airport is Seoul is clean and high tech.  They even let you scrub your weary nuts in public.  Just kidding, behind a door!

Finally reach Sydney, a sight for sore eyes..

Great dude, let me know where to go and took me to get a precious SIM card.

Get to my room at the Hyatt Park Regency at the Rocks in Sydney.  This hotel is revered as the 2nd greatest hotel in the world, mainly due to it’s impeccable 5 star service.  That’s the downtown Sydney skyline…

Jet lagged but who cares. I need to see the city…

Later that night, we head to Emperor’s Palace for some quality Chinese.  That’s a king crab, check those mittens!

That’s the pigeon we ate. It tasted very much like duck. Nobody ate the head.

Next day, we flee to Bondi beach. Talk about breathtakingly beautiful.

I stumble upon a piece done by Chali 2na from Jurassic 5, who are getting back together and playing Coachella this year!  Fuck yeah!

The world renowned rock pool at Bondi…

Decide to head to get some chow in hipster-ish Surry Hills…

From there, we resolve to walk back to the hotel at the Rocks.  Sometimes the best way to learn the city is with your own two feets.

This guy is leaching free wifi off of Hungry Jack, Australia’s version and owned by Burger King.  Find it funny this guy can’t just sit on the bench and prefers the dirt floor.  To each their own.

Next day, that’s a big piece of ship!

We go deep sea fishing.

Notice how nobody’s fishing.  We were all sea sick!

So instead, we eat some fresh shrimp the skipper caught earlier.

And of course a toast to the good life…

Finally seeing land, we’re happy.  There’s Q, chief land lover…

I was relieved too.  This city slicker held in his lunch!

Next day, we’re off to Singapore.  You really appreciate laying down sometimes.

First night, we hit a spot called Mink which was okay.  There’s Mandon, pouring someone else’s magnum!

We all know about Singapore’s strict laws.  Surprisingly, we didn’t see many cops there except these guys, who were responding to a fight in the club.  Basically the dude in the bg, knocked the guy in the foreground to the ground.  Then they got kicked out.  Just like the States!

Imagine what this dude’s hangover’s gonna be like…

Next day, a break in the clouds from all of the rain.  View from the suite at the Four Seasons.

The crew on our way out for the day.

Later, we head to Little India…

After getting jiggy with the Indians, we cruise over to the sparkling Marina Bay Sands hotel…

We had a reservation at Sky on 57, on the roof.  The food was interesting.  Mushroom cappuccino was odd, lobster tails were yum!

Q and executive chef Justin Quek…

On top of Singapore. View is spectacular.

Later, we head to Pangea which is Singapore’s biggest club.  Reminded me of Vegas.

The next day, it’s Chinese New Year and Singapore is in a majorly celebratory mood.

It’s the year of the snake, so why not build a snake from some lanterns.  Pretty fresh.

Famished, so of course what better to eat than some authentic Chinese. Here’s Q making sure the waitress knows to make his chicken fried rice with egg and green onions, nothing more.  And to make it nuclear spicy!  Finally I’ve met someone who likes fire as much as I do.

The rotating table of wonder.

I filmed a portion of the series myself, as that’s where my career all began with “Rock Fresh”. Bobbing and weaving in the thick Chinatown crowds.

Then the clock strikes midnight, hepppppy Chinese new year!

Oddly Singapore’s so strict but you can freely drink on the street. Don’t mind if I do!

Hopped in the car and head down to Arab Street.  Totally different vibe from Chinatown.  Very chill.

Chinese new year goes on for days.  So as we packed up to head to Bangkok, we get ambushed by these trippy dragons!

A quick 2.5 hour flight and we’re at our final destination.

This is how hot it is in Bangkok…

Traffic everywhere.

This is not fashion, this is protection from the heavy pollution.

We check into the Peninsula hotel.  Here’s a view from our suite…

That night, we’re tired and decide to just hop a boat.

We hop off the boat and are greeted by these critters…

The next day, we meet up with Djaybuddah, originally from Queens NY, now living in Bangkok and just the man.  He’s the official DJ for the group Thaitanium and member of DJ crew Bangkok Invaders.

This is his barber shop in Siam Market…

Buddah, staying true to his name, blesses us with a bit of ganja.  Yes, I smoke occasionally, I’m a Californian, it’s in my blood!  This really took the edge off from all of the traveling…

Just then, room service rang.  That story is too complicated and funny to even explain.  After our session, we hop another boat to the Wat Arun buddhist temple.  On the way, we got mouths full of Chao Phraya river sewage water!  Delicious!

Arrived.  These 3 were praying…

While this guy on the right is screaming at the top of his lungs. A strange dichotomy of peace and racket!

We go to explore the temples.

And find the temple of doom.  Check out those steps!

If one person falls, it’s catastrophic for all of those below.  It’s dumb hot, but we make it to the top.

Make it back down.  More racket, in celebration still of Chinese new years!

It’s good racket.  Spiritual racket.  In honor of the year of the snake, visitors come and place gold foil on this massive beast for good luck. (insert bad joke here)

This kid reminded of “The Golden Child”.  He’s really just having a blast slapping people with holy water.  I got drenched!

We head back down the river to the hotel.

We rest up a bit, then head back out into the thick city traffic.  This is my favorite snap of Tim’s…

Later that night, we hit Lumpinee Stadium, world famous and historic spot for Muay Thai fights.

Don’t let the pink shorts fool you.  He’ll beat you down!

After this fight, these guys came up with no gloves so we are hyped. Instead it was a cultural display of Muay Thai’s roots, which was equally cool. And they still kinda beat each other up!

Then, more blood…

It’s wild in here, real rowdy.  This guy blocked it all out, he may have been hungry…

These fighters have so much swag.  Forget anything of the west, the effortless and no nonsense these fighters portray in the ring is nothing short of impressive.

Each fighter has to listen to their corners, which not only are their cornermen, but their entire entourage yelling out their suggestions to win the fight. This fighter has his mother-in-law shouting at him.  Just kidding, that was later!

The fighter in blue thanks the other fighter’s entourage for annoying his opponent to defeat.

When in fact, the guy in blue loses.  And the fighter’s mother-in-law’s gamble pays off.

Outside, Q gets mobbed by people asking to take photos with him.  This happened everywhere we went.  When he tells them he’s an ‘internet guy’, they still want a snap.  Q has that magnetism.

All that scrapping made me hungry!  We decided on some Italian nearby.  This dish was gone in 3 bites, maybe 2.

Later, our driver takes us on a harrowing safari through Soi Cowboy, one of Bangkok’s infamous red light districts.

Very sad.

Very honest.

Definitely some ladyboys in this pack.

Later, we meet back up with Buddah.  On Tuesdays, he throws his long running party at Bed Supperclub.  He’s not there yet, so Mandon, Tim and I grab a couple drinks at the mobile bar across the street.  Why can’t the States have these.  Oh yeah, Americans can’t hold their liquor.

Buddah and Khan arrive.  All family.

Their hashtag on everything is #RunBKK.

Ladies love Buddah…

Part of the crew.  Bangkok is legit, great people.

Next day, a nail salon in the Siam Market.  They were so heppppy!

This girl played The Sims in this dark alley.  Can’t tell whether she was creating an Asian woman or not!

More sadness.

Our last full day, getting work done in the hotel.

We go and link up with our pal Babar.  He shows us some new tricks he learned.

Course we had to take a spin.  There’s Gerry doing his trademark IG pose. haha

That night we went to Facebar, the most amazing Thai restaurant you will ever go to.  It looks like a house and just blew me away.  I ate until my stomach nearly exploded, as usual.

Q likes his food spicy!

Chinese new year, still!

The quickest 2 weeks I’ve ever experienced.  Loved all 3 cities, but time to get back to California…

In style.

Bye BKK, you were unforgettable.

The full 3-episode travel series coming soon.