LA is my hometown. From my youth, I’ve seen the city undergo a steady revitalization, albeit a relative slow one. Anyone who grew up here in the 80’s can tell you the biggest change we’ve seen is reduction in crime. LA used to a genuinely scary place, with the threat of robbery or beating very common if you were caught walking down the street alone. It was the real Grand Theft Auto at one point. I recall in the early 90’s, everybody would cruise Hollywood Blvd in their cars, all looking for trouble. For the new arrivals, it wasn’t a bunch of bars and nightclubs, but a barren strip of true Hollywood grit. Today, LA is transforming from one story shops, to mixed-use buildings, which is the only savior this city has from complete implosion from traffic and smog. If you live in LA, you’ll notice up and down La Brea, a ton of construction going on. I love this, because it only means the city I live in is taking the idea of community more serious. I just stumbled onto this article, which breaks down what these construction sites will eventually become.