I am regretful to report that “Man of Steel” was easily one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in the comic book genre.   I had such high hopes after seeing the trailer, thought it had soaring potential to insert quality storytelling into this superhero tale.  The acting in this film felt so off, not a surprise when it’s so VFX heavy.  As a filmmaker, there weren’t any moments when I didn’t feel these actors weren’t aware of their surroundings in a green screen, with the exception of General Zod, played by the talented and menacing Michael Shannon.  I literally took a half hour nap in the final act, where I woke up to the same extended battle between Zod and Superman.  The final act in the film felt more like a symphony of destruction, with Zod and Superman repetitiously heaving each other, back and forth into opposing buildings.  Visually, Zack Snyder delivers as always, but where he excels in that department, the story/acting suffers greatly.   And Superman, played by Henry Cavill, honestly just felt like an empty shell of an Ambercrombie model.  I really thought Chris Nolan’s involvement in the film would make this a winner.  Visually it had Nolan’s stamp, but lacked the character depth and realistic grit he applied to the “Batman” series, even though I’m still a fan of the Tim Burton version better.  Bottom line, I should’ve just watched “This is the End”.