The lovely girl above is the subject of a new reality show on Oxygen. The reason I’m writing about it, is not because I’m obsessed with her like the rest of you, but that I had a part in selling this show. Earlier this year, I was tapped to direct the presentation for Left/Right Productions, that got the series picked up.  Maria and her family are an amazing bunch, and allowed me into their home and made me one of their own.  They fed me with more Greek delicacies than I could handle – and I eat a lot!  In addition, Left/Right is one of the smartest and most progressive production companies in the TV business right now.  They just dropped their “Small Town Security” show, which airs after “Breaking Bad” every Sunday.  That show’s style and format is definitely raising the bar for the reality/docu genre.  I also have my own show in development with them right now, and feel fortunate to be working with such a smart and professional company.  Onward, upward.