Took a leisurely stroll down Melrose West and noticed a new trend – “Out of Business” signs. I counted about 39 total between La Brea and Fairfax, give or take. For some good shops like Kendo and Workmen’s, it’s sad. For others like “Avi’s Biker Fashion”, it could be a blessing. Either way, here’s some of the proof…


Hints to the lessors that they’ve long needed to bring down rent. The old Jamba Juice..

Did you know that Melrose in the late 70s was LA’s original prostitute thoroughfare? The old Workmen’s Outlet..

Sophie demonstrating..

But people often fail to notice who the real victims of this recession. It’s this poor little orphaned palm tree. Somebody please, find the golden inside of your heart. Unroot and adopt him..

Let’s get this economy moving and not let the media further perpetuate this recession. Make it rain!