So it was my buddy Jordan’s bday, so we all said hell with LA, let’s go south to San Diego! Mark and I hopped in Bee’s whip and jetted down there, jumping right into the fire at my friend Craig’s 30th bday @ the swanky and newly rebranded Se Hotel. There’s Mark, Bee, the owner Steve Rebeil, and myself having some drinks..

There were absolutely no vacancies, but Steve the gracious host he is, hooked us up with a nice little condo on the 17th floor..

Later that night, a few friends stopped by. A few of ’em took the liberty of just passing right out!

So I had to Christ Air ’em!

Around 2am, goofing off in our condo when we hear a series of shots! Not tequila, but gunshots! I look down from our balcony and see people scattering like ants, women shrieking in terror. Read about it here. Here’s video I took of the immediate aftermath..

Gaslamp Shooting! from Calico Grey Label on Vimeo.

So of course we can’t let the ladies walk back to the car without protection!

Next day we hit the Hard Rock who throw their version of Rehab called Intervention. Definitely not Vegas, but enough for the job..


Quantum physics!

The rest is a blurrrrrrrrr.