o recently got brought on to consult for the new MTV GYT campaign, which stands for Get Yourself Tested, an effort to raise sexual health awareness. My job was to wrangle some tastemakers from Los Angeles, so I recruited friends Han Cholo, Bobby Hundreds, Lovemade, and Buff Monster. Day One, I pulled up and what do you know, the city taking down years worth of laced shoes off of the Rosewood power line..

MTV def filmed that, classic California snips. Just then, Bobby Hundreds rolls up in his super rare Delorean..

That’s Lance Bangs, an amazing cinematographer. You might recognize that salt & pepper hair leaking underneath the visor from the Jackass franchise. Really nice guy..

He was busy filming Buff Monster actually painting my personal wall..

Below is photo by Amy Duran who came by..

he rest of the process can be found on Juxtapoz’ Online Magazine. Great synergy with the MTV crew out from New York. Shout to my buddy Howard Grandison, my new brother on the other coast! Look out for the campaign dropping late March on the network in between your favorite reruns of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2!