Today, stopped by Nacho’s house. From the outside it looks like your average fourplex off of Beverly near CBS Television City, but once you step inside, it’s a whole ‘notha world. Nacho aka Nathan Cabrera is the wildly talented artist behind the designs for brands like DrX and The Real McCoy..

The house is outfitted with more taxidermy and creepy stuff than I’ve ever encountered in a single place. It’s a living/breathing museium. Here’s a cross section of some of Nacho’s furry and feathery friends..



A little ‘normal break’. Here’s some signature Nacho artwork..

Some vinyl toys he made..

His wacky kitchen..

His bathroom full of spooky medical paraphenalia. All the tools here to basically fix you, or torture you, depending on the wielder..

An old, bronzed medical bag..


Run Forrest Run!

Back to a bit of ‘normalcy’. His precious dog Blanca..

Some random Austrian general..


A 120-year old fetus..

A stretched skull from the Mayan times..

Super cool s**t.