Read a fascinating article today about how web companies are conspiring to make your television watching experience more expansive. There are so many pros/cons here it’s almost dizzying. For instance, the author writes, “Revenue loss — hell, revenue tracking — is a legitimate concern, but would allowing a non-subscriber to watch True Blood by linking through a subscribing friend’s television cripple HBO, or expose new audiences to a program they might otherwise have missed?”I think the revenue loss would in fact be crippling. But some pros like enhancing marketing research and increased program awareness just might shadow those cons to internet behemoths like Facebook and Hulu, who will no doubt push us into a new entertainment paradigm. In fact, they won’t relent until the idea of getting together with your friends on Sunday to watch Mad Men or Entourage are a thing of the past – just join the chat/watch room. While we are definitely in uncharted waters, the innovation unraveling in front of our eyes is pretty damn exciting!