Yesterday, took a trip out east to Highland Park to visit J-Rocc, original Beat Junkie and one of the most respected DJ’s actually from this city. And he’s a real DJ, not just a button pusher like many of these faux club DJ’s saturating the scene. There he is in what was supposed to be bedroom #2..

That’s just one room. J can very well be on the show “Hoarders”, the vinyl edition. Here’s how much he has, it’s borderline freaky..

Visited the Stones Throw compound just a block away, where J drops mixtapes and provides production.

There’s Jamie Strong, ‘Minister of Information’..

Downstairs in the product room, he shared a super cool record they put out with Dublab..

And of course some swag, thanks Jamie!

Check out my new duvet cover by French artist Parra, love it!