Last night I finally paid my $28 and caught Darron Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”. If you’re in a cave you may not know he’s the same helmer who created the painfully exquisite “Requiem for a Dream”. “The Wrestler” was f*****g amazing. Mickey Rourke paints the most likable character I can think of in recent times. He goes by Randy “The Ram” Robinson, but he’s more like the sacrificial Ram. Ram fell from grace, and now to support himself has been reduced to small ballroom matches where he lets himself gets abused on by his opponents for the sake of the spectacle. What a performance, Mickey isn’t back, he’s here. And the guys are probably happy to know that Marisa Tomei is naked in half of the film. Here’s the trailer if you’ve never seen..

And this comeback theme where character parallels the actor is nothing new. Have you seen “JVCD”? It stands for Jean-Claude Van Damme. If you were a fan of early 90’s action flicks like “Bloodsport” and “Double Impact”, you might find it interesting. JVCD is a mock-retelling of his rise/fall, all wrapped up in a stylish, parodic narrative film. Here’s the trailer..