Lionsgate today announced on Deadline that they’re making a movie with the Janoskians and I’ll be directing it. Not only am I hyped to make a fun and outrageous feature, but this project has special resonance with me. Exactly twelve years ago, coincidentally the last year of the horse (my year), I worked in a cubicle as a business affairs assistant at Lionsgate. It was the pre Artisan and Summit era before the mega blockbuster hits like “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games”. It was the studio’s early days as well as mine, where we all commuted everyday to a depressing office park in Marina Del Rey. Although I made a measly $500/week, I felt fortunate that I just had a desk to call my own, a job in the business I was so determined to be in. The first film I ever worked on was Oscar-winner “Monster’s Ball”, then I went along to work on 6 other films where I cut my teeth and grew my own network. 2 years on the desk passed and I started to get the itch, the itch to break out and make my own film. I left the creature comforts of the studio and took a leap of faith into the darkness. No guaranteed check, health insurance, no identity except my own to build. Those were very scary and uncertain times. But I knew no matter how many setbacks and bouts of self doubt, I owed to myself and my late father who had his own dreams of making movies, to see this through. That’s why this project has gravity for me, because I’m coming full circle to the studio I first started out in the business with. I’m really looking forward to working with the Janoskians, Lionsgate, Brian Robbins, and Jeremy Skaller in making a bangin’ movie. It’s going to be a wild ride. Stay tuned.