Who knew those little toy bricks that were my obsession as a kid, along with GIJoe and Transformers, could become a feature film let alone a crossover box office smash?  “The Lego Movie” was a wholly original piece of cinema.  Equipped with a heightened sense of irreverent comedy, social commentary, and slick music – the film was a welcome surprise for my Sunday night.  My only beef with it was the live action wrap-up which felt corny and forced, and definitely a requisite by Lego brand to encourage consumer sales.  But I won’t let the ending ruin it, although endings are everything, and say I enjoyed it.  Don’t be surprised if a Lego animation series is imminent.  And kudos to Mark Mothersbaugh, former lead singer of the new wave band Devo, for the score.  Devo x Lego = match made in heaven.  Go see.  Now I just might have to finally go to Legoland – the subliminal effect of the film is working!