Sorry friends, wish I could be up in arms about “Clash of the Titans”, like I was about “Avatar”. This version was nothing but a contemporary, hollow version of its former self. Barely any storyline, bad CG effects, and post 3D conversion that barely made a difference. In fact, the effects in this film almost felt as cheap as those History Channel graphics, not kidding! The film really just proved 2 things – big budget effects usually hurt story + trailers can be powerfully deceiving! Even Medusa was, well, hot – nothing creepy about her. The reveal of her was anything but climactic. Here’s a snap of what the new Medusa looks like..

Comparatively to the original Medusa..

Looks like Liam Neeson has notched as least 2 crap films for 2010, including the upcoming “A-Team”. Save your $, wait for it on DVD, cable even. And hope that part 2 will be better written.