Rented the Mike Tyson documentary the other night and hoped for alot, and it delivered just under. Iron Mike was the favorite boxer of the 80’s, not to mention I played his Nintendo game incessantly! Mike was probably the biggest paradox sports has ever seen – a caged brute that was surprisingly soft-hearted and intelligent. Overall and in hindsight a pretty crazy dude. Mike and his life was as enigmatic as any figure in modern history. Now the guy parties and is on a lot of meds – you can tell by his slurred speech in the documentary’s interviews. Although entertaining, I felt the filmmakers simply didn’t do a thorough job. It was just one day with Mike (in the same outfit), a few ancillary interviews, and archival footage. I would’ve liked to have seen interviews with Evander, Don King, etc. Who knows, maybe they tried. At least let’s see Mike in his current daily life, there was none of that. Nevertheless, here’s the trailer..

Mike Tyson Documentary [Trailer] / NEW

by PeteRock

Here’s also a low-fi, but good collection of Tyson’s beatdowns..