Two of my favorite media brands are teaming up – Vice and HBO. The result will be a magazine-style, news show called “Vice”. This is yet another sign that Vice, once just a little irreverant magazine out of Brooklyn, is poised to be a media behemoth that ex-Viacom chief Tom Freston, wants it to be. The new show also has Bill Maher as an Executive Producer, and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria as a consultant.  Those two guys better not water this down. Vice is unfiltered and deafeningly raw, and that’s what I absolutely love about it.  It’s a rare brand that you can’t easily describe, but you know with certainty what it is.  If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Vice’s programming, here’s a few of their classics that will literally change the way you view the world. Here’s one on North Korea..

And another on Liberia. Warning on this one, it’s very, very graphic. Like hell on Earth graphic..