Earlier today, stopped by Peanut Butter Wolf’s slightly newer house in the ‘eastside hills’. You might remember his last Griffith Park house where he had a few slammin’ NYE parties. The new spot is nicer, he’s married now. I won’t show the front because of you stalkers, but here’s the Quasimoto marker on the sidewalk, if you can find it..

There’s PBW aka Chris Manak, founder of Stones Throw. There he is in his digging den..

The house bleeds the basics..

Prepping for the big Stones Throw/Converse Party at the fast approaching SXSW..

All pulled from here, which is just about a quarter of his 45 collection..

Here’s one of my favorite songs of the past year of the ox, from my man Mayer Hawthorne, a kid stuck in Motown time and so refreshing..