Back in 2005, I recall getting an invitation for a works-in-progress screening of “Planet B-Boy” at Sony Studios. It was an effort by producer/director Benson Lee to raise finishing funds for the film. Boy, did they use their money well. It’s beautiful to see that determination followed through to the completion of a really wonderful documentary. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the theatrical release in LA, but I opened my mailbox yesterday and found a nice little surprise..

The doc was thoughtful, clean and well rounded. With so many hip hop documentaries out there, it’s def a cut above the rest in both content and quality. Great job Benzonio, here’s the trailer..

Later that night, I stopped by Foxtail with a bunch of old friends. There’s Stacey, haven’t seen her in over a decade!


Ran into my promoter friend and overall wild man Craig Clemens, who I currently happen to be building on a project with..


If you’re going to one of the mega NYE parties, chances are you’ll see him. Or me.