We are soulful filmmakers committed to the craft.

CALICO is an award-winning production studio that sits at the nexus of culture x entertainment.

Can you be guardians of the culture with populist fare? Yes, that's our thesis. The brainchild of filmmaker + culture fanatic Danny Lee, CALICO is a 100% BIPOC-owned, award-winning, culture-defining production studio dedicated to authentic storytelling through inventive filmmaking. At CALICO, we believe in being dutiful and efficient partners, providing maximum value, both creatively and financially. In TV + film, CALICO has produced projects for HBO, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, PBS, NBC, Showtime, FOX, ESPN, Starz, and more. In advertising, CALICO has produced content for Nike, Nissan, Head & Shoulders, Red Bull, adidas, Gatorade, Jaguar, Intel, American Express, Vitamin Water, and McDonald’s. CALICO is also an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company.

What was the genesis of CALICO?

In 2000, CALICO was founded to house and tell stories from a diverse perspective, in a very different entertainment climate where anything multicultural was once regarded as niche. This was this story’s inciting incident. This set the wheels in motion for CALICO's first project, the visceral feature documentary Rock Fresh, a candid documentary about street artists making the leap from the street to the mainstream. The film bowed at the AFI Fest in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the film was snapped up by Showtime, where it made its world premiere.

What does CALICO specialize in?

We're participators in culture. So our body of work inhabits this wheel of culture where each spoke represents a core passion of ours - whether music, sports, comedy, fashion, politics, or lifestyle. That's what we do.

What’s behind the name CALICO?

It stemmed as a shortened version of California Company – CALICO.

What sets CALICO apart from other companies?

We believe story and style should elevate each other organically, never forced. We put careful thought and take pride in every project we do, whether longform or shortform. 

What are the core values of CALICO?

CALICO is about teamwork, inclusion and community, where diverse viewpoints synthesize to make an impact. A great idea can come from anywhere, and no matter where you are in the continuum of your career, your voice deserves to be heard and can easily revolutionize a project. 

Since CALICO produces its own original content, are you guys available for production services? 

Partnering with platforms, studios, and to deliver meaningful content is a cornerstone of our company. If you feel we could be right for the project, feel free and reach out - hello@calico.la

I love CALICO‘s work. How can I be down?  

As a BIPOC-owned company, we take real stock in helping and elevating filmmakers of all walks of life in their career pursuits. If you're talented, let's collab – team@calico.la

Download CALICO‘s deck here.