This past summer I left the cushy comforts of LA to embark on a journey which would impact my life forever. A 5 month gig in NYC, producing and directing a docuseries about the Nets moving to Brooklyn. Before I could get into that, rewind back to March of this year during a trip to NY for various business, including helping Prince Paul and Blu Jemz write a feature script for Scion.

During that trip, I met up with my buddy Ethan Goldman, then with Ish Entertainment, now with Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets. He walked me over to Roc Nation to discuss this potential documentary on the Nets. We met with Shahendra, who is Jay-Z’s right hand when it comes to digital content. We chatted about the project and I left, not thinking much of it. One month later, after a heartbreaking pass on a television show that was promised a sale at Syfy, only to get passed on last minute by the very top of the network, I get this random text message from Ethan. It said verbatim “You’re officially on Nets”. I had a flurry of emotions, for a multitude of reasons. I gave it thought for the day, because although I love New York City, the thought of living there was too much. But then I realized, I’d be a complete asshole to pass up this opportunity. This was a truly historic moment for Brooklyn, and really a gig of a lifetime. So all I texted back was “Let me know the budget, and we’ll discuss from there”. Then my agent Dan Ilani from Paradigm dug in, and the deal was done weeks later. In May, I suddenly found myself living in Brooklyn with a whole summer ahead of me, and a mammoth project to get off the ground. This was our first morning in Brooklyn, my Angeleno brothers that came out with me to attack, Los and Dezi..

For the first 10 days we lived in Bed Stuy, in a tiny modern apartment above amazing donut shop Dough. If you get a chance, try their cheesecake donut! Also my go-to wifi coffee shop there (because living in a box with 2 other dudes can make you lose your mind) was Urban Vintage. Try their curry chicken wrap! The big problem was our balcony views was of this scrapyard, which started to get old fast..

I was stressed out in the beginning, knowing this project was no easy task, with the relationship building and access from the Nets, resting mostly on my shoulders. Although I had visited NY many times, this was my first time truly living, working, and breathing it. This was me bewildered at my vastly new surroundings back in May..

Fast forward, the premiere of the docuseries “Road To Brooklyn”. The first episode entitled “Down by the Yards”, takes a look at how the Barclays Center arena and new home of the Brooklyn Nets arena became a fixture in the borough. Please share, and come back every Friday to see a new episode as we dive deeper into the most memorable summer in Brooklyn history (and my own).

I’ll also be instagramming/blogging more exclusive and unseen photos from the whole summer. We hustled day and night on the subway, met a million friendly Brooklynites, and were embraced by a borough I know consider part of my heart. This was a summer I will never, ever forget